Entrepreneurs, Create Your PayOneer Account.

Good day Entrepreneurs, I believe this isn’t the first, second or third post on this topic telling us the benefits derived from having a payoneer account. But, posting it now also tells how important it is, and I believe it will be useful for the following set of people :

1. Importers: someone who buys both in smaller or larger quantity. If your Payoneer account is already loaded, then just have the money deducted in dollar and not in naira.

2. Online workers: this includes every individual doing good a paying job online like that of pay per click, and many other online activities that pay. Your Payoneer account can be used to cash out your payment.

3. General individual : you may also need it. How does the payoneer account looks like? It is no different from the visa, mastercard atm cards of the banks surrounding us.

The only difference is just that you use it internationally to withdraw in either dollars, euro… It really pays to have this account and you automatically stand a chance of getting $25 for registering your account. Now, how do you register? It is as simple as A, B, C… All you need doing is to click on the link on my signature below and you move to the next stage.

NB: Click Here To Register

How do you have your Mastercard?

This is also a simple one. All you need to do is getting registered and putting in every required detail as requested. Your address and name are very important, you input a wrong address, it means you won’t have anything like the card. So, be careful and put in everything carefully. It is this provided address that your mastercard will be shipped to.

For any enquiry, post in the below comment box. See you!


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