tmp_The-Omniverse-Launch-Writing-Contest-2015-1435199690The Omniverse Launch
Writing Contest 2015 |
Total Prize: $500
Anyone who writes an article on The Omniverse
during the month of July 2015 will have a chance to
win $500. It’s that simple.
Considering we only just launched into our journey
of searching the Omniverse, we’re a little late to
the game and need to get to building some content
like yesterday, and nothing gets the juices flowing
quite like a good ol’ fashioned contest!
Any topic
The Omniverse
$500 award
July 31, 2015
Register, see the guidelines and submit your
entry here .
This is a contest for all people , not just
“writers”. If you know something about
anything and are able to write , you can
The available categories are laid out like so :
Fiction — Only fictional content.
Poetry — Only fictional or nonfictional content in
the style of poetry.
Creative Nonfiction — Only nonfictional content
in a creative style, that for example might be in
story form and confuse some readers who are
looking for informational articles on various topics.
Nonfiction — All other categories are for
nonfiction articles.
On August 1 st , 2015 we’ ll pick the article we
like most , announce the winner , and email
the winner to get their information for
payment . Again , we ’re picking the article
we like most , not the author . So just like any
other day of the year on The Omniverse,
you can write as much as you like on as
many topics as you like.
The only criterion is to write what you
know , in your own voice , and from the


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