A website is an amazing platform which helps you
express your ideas, disseminate useful information,
share high-impacting knowledge, transact business,
market your products etc. It doesn’t matter whether
you’re a student, a dry cleaner, a school owner, a
religious leader or a farmer, you too can own a

Why create a website?
With the help of a website, you can reach a very
wide range of audience from the corner of your room
within the twinkle of an eye. So if getting a big
boost for your craft is what you’ve always craved
but you’re yet to figure out how to achieve it, then a
website is all you need!
Unfortunately, some people still hold the erroneous
belief that creating a website is one hell of a job
which requires a high level of expertise. Far from it,
there are millions of self-created websites which enjoy
massive readership with very little resources invested
in putting them together.

Amazingly, the process is quite simple! If you follow
me to the end of this post, I will show you how you
can create one without being a professional web
designer and without breaking the bank.
Before we get started
You need to ask yourself this fundamental question:

“which hosting company best suits your need?”
I strongly recommend iPage web hosting company.
Why? I use iPage and I’ve had a good time with
them ever since I hired them. Therefore, I assure you
that with them, you would get value for your money.
Here are other reasons why iPage is just right for
They run a 24-hrs customer service live-chat,
so you can run to them anytime you have an
There’s an amazing 100% money-back
package just in case you’re not satisfied with
their service. But I bet you can’t! This is
because iPage is a tested and trusted hosting
company with many years of experience. Their
huge subscriber base and shining testimonials
speak a great deal about them.
iPage offers you pocket friendly charges and
mouth-watering promos that get you started
You get other benefits such as free domain
names, customized emails, and free Facebook
advert coupon which is valued at $50.
Apart from this, it makes it possible for you to use
custom-made domain names, which offers you
freedom and flexibility that aren’t possible with a
free hosted blog like blogspot or wordpress blog. So
you will have something like
instead of or
Believe me, I have used blogspot before and the
experience wasn’t as juicy as now that I’m using a
full-fledged self-hosted website (no disrespect here).
What you need to get started
Essentially, you need 3 three things to set up your
A hosting account (with iPage): this requires
that you have a functional “Mastercard”
A domain name: you will get that for free on
iPage, and
A computer: this requires internet connection
Now let’s get started


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