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Fourth NinjaEssays International Writing Contest

The team at NinjaEssays is thrilled with the feedback we got on the previous essay writing contests. We discovered some real talents among the participants, and we want to see more from you! If you are talented in essay writing, you are welcomed to enter our Fourth contest, with topics that are more exciting than ever!


Please provide an entry on one of the following topics:

Nationalism in Contemporary American Literature
Is Homeschooling Inferior or Superior to Traditional Learning?
Digital Language: The Effects of the Internet on Modern Literature
College Dorms: An Inspiration or an Obstacle for Students’ Progress?
Are Parents Supposed to Provide Financial Support to College Students?
Is ‘Street Wisdom’ Necessary for Professional Success?
African Writers: Diamonds of Contemporary Literature
The Effects of Television Continue reading →



What are the best small business ideas for college students
to start with no money? Are you an enterprising student
and want to start a business in school? Do you want to
graduate from school without ever having to look for a job
or depend on the government? Then below are the best
business ideas for college students.tmp_images(4)-1646287140
Education is an expensive project. Students have to pay for
or buy a number of things ranging from text books, hand
outs, excursions, field trips, research projects, practical
and even accommodation. While some students have
sponsors who readily provide them with funds for such
items, majority of students are either self-sponsored or have
to rely on their parents who can only do little for them.
With the increasing costs of tuition and other fees in schools
and colleges, it’s now Continue reading →


Latest Update On U.I Post UTME 2015
Joining the list of University updating their portal with
Disclaimers to avoid student falling into hands of
fraudster passing wrong information about Post UTME
,the University of Ibadan has on the school website ,
Posted this Disclaimer :
University of Ibadan will soon start its post-UTME
admission exercise.Kindly check the Admissions menu
of the university website ( on
Monday 27 July 2015. Please note that payment will
be online .
Source: Nigerian University Scholarships




What should be done if Eid coincides with Friday? [Please Read&Share!]Answer: ,“If Friday prayer and ‘Eid prayer fall on the same day, whoever prays ‘Eid prayer, Friday prayer is not obligatory on him. Rather, [he can] pray theafternoon prayer (salaatu ath-thur) [1] in its (Friday prayer’s) place (Baazmool 121, 122).” [2]The Proof:[1] – On the authority of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, “The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peaceupon him, said, ‘Eid prayer and Friday prayer have fallen on the same day, today. Whoever prays ‘Eid prayer, Friday prayer is not obligatory on him. As for us, we are going to pray Friday prayer’(Al Albaanee 179).” [4][2] – On the authority of ‘Ataa Abi Rabaah [5], “Ibn Zubayr [6] led us in ‘Eid prayer early one Friday morning. [Later that day] we went out to pray Friday prayer, but we didn’t see Ibn Zubayr!? Therefore, we prayed by ourselves; and when that happened, Ibn ‘Abbaas was in Ta’if.So when we saw Ibn ‘Abbaas [d. AH 68] [7], we asked him (Ibn Abbaas) about Ibn Zubayr not praying Friday prayer with us. Ibn ‘Abbaas answered by saying, ‘What Ibn Zubayr did (not praying Friday prayer) was in accordance with Prophetic Tradition (the Sunnah).”[*] – As-Shaykh Saalih Fawzaan said,“If ‘Eid prayer falls on the same day as Friday prayer, whoever prays ‘Eid prayer, it is not obligatory for him to pray Friday prayer. Rather Friday prayer becomes recommended (sunnah)for him. However, as it relates to the Imam [of the community], it is obligatory for him to pray both ‘Eid prayer and Friday prayer. He can notleave off Friday prayer because those who choose to pray Friday prayer need an Imam. (Fawzaan 2/257).” [8]Translated and Compiled by:Jameel Finch al- MakkiUniversity of Umm al-Quraa Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Courtesy: Rafeeqee Islamic Mentoring ( [TN]: The afternoon prayer (salaatu ath-thur) should be prayed as four units (raka’aat).2. Baazmool, Muhammad. The Object of Desire for the One Who Wants to Perform Voluntary Prayers. Riyaadh: Dar al-Hijrah. 1423/20023. Abdur-Rahman bin Sakhr [d. AH 57 or 58], the Companion who narrated 5374 Prophetic Traditions (Hadeeth).4. Authentic: Al-Albaani, Naasir ad-Deen. Abu Dawood’s Collection of Prophetic Narrations. Riyaadh: Maktabah al-M’aarif. First Print.5. ‘Ataa Abi Rabaah al-Makki [d. AH 114] was a follower of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (Taabi’i). He was trustworthy and had a very sound understanding of the religion of Islam.6. ‘Abdullah Ibn Zubayr al-Qurashi [d. AH 73] was a Companion of the Messenger of Allah. He wasthe first child born from the Muslims after their resettlement from Makkah to al-Madinah. May Allah be pleased with him. (*) I had trouble identifying this Companion. May Allah reward brother Moosaa Richardson for helping me over the phone.7. Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbaas al-Haashimi [d. AH 68] was the cousin of the Messenger of Allah. He was known to be extremely knowledgeableabout the religion of Islam. He was given the nickname ‘The Ocean’ due to his vast knowledge. May Allah, the Most High, be pleased with him.8. Al-Fawzaan, Saalih. Selected Religious Verdicts from Saalih al-Fawzaan. Lebanon: Ar-Resaalah Publishers. 1425/2004.



Let’s Not Jump To Conclusion Too Quickly
“My boss drove a luxury car everyday and it was
my duty to greet him and to open the gates for
him, as I worked as a watchman in his villa. But
he never responded back to my greetings.
One day he saw me opening the garbage bags
outside the villa in search for any leftover food.
But, as usual he never even looked at me, it was
like as if he never saw anything!
The very next day I saw a paper bag at the same
place, but it was clean and the food inside was
covered well. It was fresh and good food like
someone had just brought it from the
supermarket. I didn’t bother as to where it came
from, I just took the paper bag and I was so
happy about it.
Every day I found this paper bag at the same
place with fresh vegetables and all that we
needed for home. This became my daily routine. I
was eating and sharing this food with my wife
and kids. I was wondering who this fool could
be?! To forget his paper bag full of fresh food
One day there was a big problem in the villa and I
was told that my boss has died. There were too
many guests coming to the villa that day and I
didn’t get any food that day, so I thought that
one of the guests must have taken it. But the
same thing happened the 2nd day, the 3rd day
and the 4th day.
It went on like this for a few weeks and I found it
difficult to provide food for my family, so I
decided to ask the wife of my boss for a raise in
my salary or else I would quit my job as a
After I told her, she was shocked, and asked me,
how come you never complained about your
salary for the last 2 years? And why is this salary
not enough for you now? I gave her so many
excuses but she was never convinced!
Finally in the end, I decided to tell her the truth, I
told her the entire story of the bag of groceries,
and as to how it was my daily provision. She
then asked me as to when this stopped? I told
her after the death of her husband. And then I
realized that I stopped seeing the paper bag
immediately after the death of my boss. Why
didn’t I ever think of this before? That it was my
boss who was providing this for me? I guess it
was because I never thought that a person who
never replied to my greetings could ever be this
His wife started to cry and I told her to please
stop crying and that I’m really sorry that I asked
for a raise, I didn’t know that it was your
husband who was providing me with the meals,
I’ll remain as a watchman and be happy to
provide my service.
His wife told me, I’m crying because I’ve finally
found the 7th person my husband was giving this
bag full of food. I knew my husband was giving 7
people everyday, I had already found the 6 people,
and all these days I was searching for the 7th
person. And today I found out.
From that day onwards, I started to receive the
bag full of food again, but this time his son was
bringing it to my house and giving it to my hand.
But whenever I thanked him, he never replied!
Just like his dad!
One day, I told him THANK YOU in a very loud
voice! He replied back to me to please not be
offended when he doesn’t reply, because he has a
hearing problem, just like his dad!”
Oh! We have been wrong so many times judging
others without knowing the true story behind their
actions. Be kind and courteous in dealing with
others, for everyone is fighting a hard battle. Be
careful, not everything is about you. Before you
assume, there is this thing called ASKING.
Don’t just jump to conclusion, because that is
truly not an exercise, it may cause you more harm
at the end of the day. Many of our problems are
caused by how we process what happens around
us. Don’t judge a situation you have never been
in. Be humble enough to learn. You do not know
it all. Lets change the way we feel about
ourselves and others.
There are two sides to a story. Don’t believe
everything you hear.
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know
nothing about.
Author: Anonymous